Waves from the blue ocean in Hawaii will hit your eyes for a full week and make your skin feel blue

Waves from Hawaii will make your eyes feel blue, but for some, they may not be the best way to feel it.

A study from the University of Hawaii says that blue water from the Blue Ocean can cause temporary eye irritation.

The Blue Ocean Wave Energy Center (BOEC) says the Blue Wave Energy is a new research project that has been approved by the Hawaii Department of Health.

It found that blue light from the ocean could cause temporary eyelid irritation, according to a news release.

The BOEC says that this can be a side effect of wearing glasses and sunglasses that block out blue light.

This temporary eye discomfort can be seen in Hawaii’s Blue Ocean.

It is caused by the amount of blue light in the ocean.

Blue light is absorbed by the water and can also be absorbed by clothing, which can cause irritation and eye strain.

Blue light can also cause the formation of new wrinkles.

This is because the wrinkles in the eyes are the result of the natural oils of algae and bacteria on the cornea.

The oil creates a film on the surface of the eye.

This process can take anywhere from hours to days.

The BOEMC says that while this temporary eye issue can be frustrating, it is important to get the correct treatment for it.

It says that if the problem is severe enough, you may need to go to a specialist for corrective eye surgery.


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