Which wave colours can you wear?

A new wave colour is on the horizon for the Australian financial services industry, with some banks launching the first-ever colour schemes to celebrate the blue wave.

Key points:Blue waves are blue waves with light blue edges, like the colours of the rainbow, blue, purple, green, yellow and orange wavesThe colour scheme is an attempt to bring out the best in clients BlueWave is a brand of “digital, personal and personalised” services, and the firm’s first wave colours were pink, yellow, red and blueWave Blue, launched by BIS in late 2016, is a colour scheme inspired by the colours used in the blue waves.

BlueWave is aiming to bring a personal touch to the process of choosing a colour for a business.

“There’s a lot of colour choices in the world, but there are some colour choices that just don’t work for us,” BIS Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer Ian Stewart said in a statement.

“BlueWave uses these colours as a way of taking on a challenge.

It’s a bold, fresh colour that’s also about connecting with clients, rather than just representing the colours.”

The firm has a colour palette of 30,000 different colours and is currently seeking to increase its colour choices by 15,000.

“It’s a new colour scheme that is very different to anything that we’ve done in the past, which is why we’re delighted to announce the launch of BlueWave,” Mr Stewart said.

“We are not doing a colour experiment in this way, but we are exploring different ways to bring clients together.”

The company has already created a colour range of its own and launched a range of online colour schemes, including one that is based on the colours seen on the Australian flag.

The launch comes after BlueWave was previously launched in 2016 with a range that is more than 100,000 colours.

The new wave colours have a range from blue to orange and red, and are designed to reflect a range to be found on blue waves and blue beaches.

“The blue wave is blue and orange.

It represents the blue in the water and the blue sea, so that’s where we’re coming from,” Mr Martin said.

“The colour palette we have in this new wave is more diverse than anything that has been done before, so you get a wide range of blue waves to choose from.”

Mr Martin said that the range would be available for customers to use at their home or office.

“In a few weeks we will be launching a range called BlueWave BlueWave, which will be available to the general public,” he said. 

The company will also release a range based on blue and green, which are a mix of light blue and red.

Mr Martin believes that the new wave will bring a new level of “personalisation” to the financial services landscape.

“I think it will be a game changer for our clients,” he told AM.

The first wave colour scheme, which was launched last year, is currently available to sign up to.

BlueWave has already had success in attracting a wide array of clients.

In 2017, the firm signed up a total of 3.4 million customers.

BIS has previously launched a series of colours to represent the colours found on the national flag and in the logo of the Australian Federal Police.

But BlueWave’s launch was different from other similar initiatives in that it was designed as a “digital and personal and Personalised” service, with the aim of using a wider range of colours and more creative approaches.

According to the company, the new colour range is meant to be a step in the right direction towards being able to achieve that goal.

“This colour range will help us to better communicate our message to clients and get them to understand our vision,” Mr Thomas said.

“I think we’ve made a lot more headway on the colour spectrum than other companies that have launched this colour scheme.”


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