You should always get water from the ocean, says water expert

You are not alone.

Every day, millions of people around the world drink water from a small but mighty lake in the Bay of Bengal.

It is one of the largest bodies of fresh water in the world, with about 5bn cubic metres of water flowing into the sea each day.

Yet despite the ocean’s role in keeping the world habitable, it is not being properly treated.

“Water has a very big role in the environment and for the people who live in the cities, for the infrastructure in terms of infrastructure, the way we work, it has been very poorly treated,” said Prof Rajiv Prakash of the Department of Water Resources, University of the West Indies.

It has also been argued that water from lakes is less polluting than the ocean.

“We have been drinking from the oceans for many centuries.

We have been getting a lot of pollution from it and the pollution from the pollution is so great,” he said.

However, Prof Prakush also questioned whether the public was being adequately educated about the health risks associated with drinking the water.

“This is an extremely important topic.

The water needs to be cleaned and properly treated,” he told Al Jazeera.”

I am not talking about the quantity of water, but the quality of the water we are drinking.”

You have to have educated people, especially in terms.

If they don’t know that this water is toxic to their body, then they will be not really concerned about drinking the ocean water.

“Water pollution can have many health consequences.

The health of children who drink the water, for example, depends on the water they drink.

The issue of water pollution has gained attention in recent months following the deadly chemical spill in Kalahandi, India.

In the southern Indian city of Chennai, residents were shocked when a chemical spill of about 6 tonnes of toxic heavy metal was found at a factory where they work.

The toxic chemical, known as PM10, is linked to a number of serious health issues including the risk of cancer and birth defects.

On Tuesday, Indian authorities said they were investigating the cause of the chemical spill, which took place on Monday.

In Kalahendi, there are two main drinking water sources.

One is the river Ganga, which flows through the city and is known for its abundant rainwater.

The other is the Lake Chamak which feeds into the city’s sewerage system.

In a statement on Wednesday, the Indian government said the Kalahandidis, who have been living in Kalaputra district for over a century, have been told that the water used in the city is safe for consumption and that it will be pumped out from the city to a nearby reservoir.

It said it is also planning to set up a drinking water treatment facility.

Dr Prakosh said the water quality of Kalahands drinking water was also deteriorating, with a high concentration of PM10.”

It is very worrying.

It is a very large amount of pollutants and we have been exposed to it for many years and we are not getting any help from anybody.

“What is the answer?

We are not asking for help.

We are just asking for a proper water treatment system,” he added.


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