Blue Wave’s blue liquid wave drink has become a hit on Twitter!

On Thursday, the Blue Wave drink was officially released on Twitter.

While some of the original tweets have since been deleted, the drink has remained available on Twitter for a few hours after being released. 

I tried the Blue Womens Blue Liquid Wave  on Thursday night.

I was pretty stoked about it.

My Blue Wave has become my favorite drink of the year, especially when paired with AstroBuddy.

A friend and I had a great time drinking it.

It was very refreshing, especially during the Blue wave.

It’s also a great way to unwind after a hard day at work.

The drink is really easy to make, and has a light blue flavor that compliments the Blue Waves classic blue-infused juice.

It’s perfect for a day out or just a quiet evening after a party.

Here’s how to make the Blue Liquid wave drink.

Make the drink Ingredients: 2 oz Blue Liquid, 4 oz Sprite, 1 oz Barefoot Orange Juice, 1 tsp Mixed Drinks Blend (Blue Wave, Alyssa Bliss, and Blue Liquid) Melt the orange juice and add it to the blender.

Blend until it’s smooth.

Add the juice to the vodka and mix it well.

Add all of the other ingredients to the blended blender.

Pour the mixture into a glass and enjoy.


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