What to expect from the 2018 Blue Wave Pool & Spa Show at the Blue Ocean Resort

A few months ago, Blue Wave released its first-ever blue wave sticker contest.

The contest allowed users to design their own blue wave stickers with the word “Blue” or a blue star, a symbol often used in a blue wave video to indicate a wave is blue.

The winners received a prize of one free blue wave ticket to Blue Wave Resort.

Since then, Blue has expanded the contest to include more entries.

Now, for the first time, the company is hosting its second-ever contest.

The Blue Wave Board of Directors voted last month to expand the contest, allowing for five categories.

There are now five categories: blue wave, pool, spa, party and wedding.

The categories have been combined into a single category, which has been renamed “Blue Wave Pool.”

The theme for this year’s contest is “Blue, Waves and Parties.”

In addition to the contests, Blue also announced a partnership with BlueWave Spa to provide a new pool spa for BlueWave members.

This new pool will offer “the best blue wave spa experiences in the Pacific Northwest.”

The 2018 Blue Waves Pool & Sticker Contest is on March 21 at the Red Lion Resort & Spa in Red Lion, Washington.

The 2018 BlueWave Pool & Beach Party is March 22 at the Big Beach Spa in the Sea Lion Village.

The BlueWave Beach Party will be held on April 11 at Blue Wave Park in Red Lake.

More information about BlueWave is available on the company’s website.