The Big Wave Race: The Big One

FourFourSeconds ago, a small group of Australian surfers gathered in a small, sun-drenched cabin in the Great Southern in Sydney’s north.

It was a small place, and the men in the cabin had just been training for a wave race, which they were to compete in.

The weather forecast for the night had been that the wave could be a full day’s event, but the men had just returned from the Big One, the most dangerous wave in Australia’s history, which had caused the death of nine people on board.

For some, it was an act of defiance, a way to show their support for the families of those who had died on board, or the wave itself.

The men had all been in the process of preparing for a big wave race.

They’d spent the previous week training and rehearsing in the mountains in New South Wales, where the swell was particularly brutal.

The Big One was one of the most powerful waves in Australia, and had been the biggest wave to hit the Great Northern since 1929.

On the first day of the race, the men were set to be in the front of the pack.

But on their first try they were pushed into the middle by a powerful wave that hit their paddock at 10am.

Their boats sank in the surf, and they were pulled out of the water as quickly as they could.

The next day, they had another strong wave and they had to abandon the race.

Their mates and crew were still there when they pulled up on the beach, but they were still missing a mast and were unable to get a second wave off the water.

The survivors were eventually found on the other side of the beach with no sign of their missing crew.

The Great Southern is one of Australia’s most popular surfing destinations.

It’s a massive waterway, with a maximum height of about 60 metres, and some of the best surf in the world.

The wave that sank the men’s boats on the morning of the Big Wave was a very powerful 9.8 metres, the highest wave in Australian history.

A number of people have died in similar circumstances.

But the tragedy was not limited to the Great South, as the Great Blue and Blue Storm also devastated a large area of the Northern Territory.

The most recent wave on record was 9.5 metres, which killed 12 people on July 24, 2009.

The Blue Storm is a wave that was formed by a combination of two super-high waves.

The waves in the Blue Storm are more powerful and are also less predictable.

The current wave on the Great River has also been one of this year’s biggest waves, at 10.9 metres.

The storm, which was named after its first wave, was originally predicted to be strong enough to smash the Great Australian Barrier Reef.

However, it weakened over the course of its journey, with the storm eventually reaching the coast of New South.

The biggest wave in the history of Australia, the Blue Wave, hit the coast at about 10.6 metres.