What’s blue wave?

The Blue Wave franchise has been around since 1985, but its not until recently that the team was officially unveiled in person.

We got to see it on film for the first time in 2017, and now we’re finally getting to experience the rest of the franchise in person, thanks to a new movie starring the team’s former CEO, Mark Cerny.

The movie, Blue Wave: The Next Generation, opens on August 22, 2018, and it stars Cernys former wife, actress Kristen Bell.

The film tells the story of Cernies journey to the blue wave of the 1990s, and his desire to return to his blue wave roots, in order to bring the franchise back to the mainstream.

In the film, Cernytas daughter, Blue, plays a key role, as he is tasked with getting the team back to its roots, while trying to convince a small group of investors that it should be a franchise again.

The film is also narrated by Cernyn’s ex-wife, Kristen Bell, who is a major player in the Blue Wave storyline, and her voice is haunting, as it makes her feel like she’s not alone.

It is definitely one of the more memorable Blue Wave moments of all time, and the film has earned a ton of praise from critics.

Here’s a trailer for the film:If you’re looking for more info on the Blue Dream franchise, you can find out more here:Blue Wave is set to hit theaters in 2019, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted as we get closer to the film’s release.

Source: Engadgets