When the blue wave hits, it hits. The blue wave will do the rest.

Blue wave will arrive in Milan with a host of new additions and the Italian footballing elite are already preparing for its arrival.

The club has been granted an extra two years to sign new players, with the aim of making the squad as strong as possible before they embark on the European Championship in 2019.

The Blue Wave, which is the name given to the wave that will wash over the blue water of the Grand Canal, has been approved for registration with the Italian Football Federation and will be officially unveiled on Thursday.

It is expected to play at the Siena Stadium in the first leg of the Europa League group stage against the Legia Warsaw, a fixture that is currently in the plans for next year’s tournament.

The Italian giants have also agreed a deal with a local water supplier, Blue Ocean Wave, for the supply of ice for the Blue Wave pool, which will be used by the Blue Sea Pool.

“The agreement with Blue OceanWave allows us to introduce new members of the Blue Waves team to the national team for the first time,” the club’s sporting director, Andrea Riva, told reporters on Thursday, adding that he was optimistic about the players’ arrival.

Blue wave will begin its preparations for the 2019 World Cup in Brazil by hosting the 2018 Asian Games in Manila.

It has already secured a host city for the 2018 World Cup, which begins on October 25.


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