How to make a blue opam necklace that looks like the one pictured above: The best way to make an amazing necklace

Here’s a simple but effective way to create the best blue opami necklace you can imagine. 

Here’s what you’ll need to create a stunning blue opamus necklace:The most important thing you need to know to make the necklace is to use the blue opaminet piece as a template for your own necklace.

The blue opAM piece you’ll use will need to be a piece that fits within the blue OpAM frame (see the next section for instructions).

This will help you to get the right amount of width.

I recommend using a blue Opam piece that is 4mm in width and 1mm thick.

You can find more options on Etsy.

Now, you can cut the piece of the necklace that you want to create using a cutting mat.

You’ll want to make sure the pieces are flat and straight.

Make sure that your piece is flat, straight and does not touch any other pieces.

Cut the piece in half and glue it together with a glue stick.

The pieces should stick together when they’re glued together. 

Next, take a blue piece of acrylic that’s about 1mm wide and glue to the blue OPAM piece.

You will then want to cut out the blue piece and place it in a bowl, using the glue stick to secure the blue pieces together.

Now it’s time to glue the blue oasis piece.

Start by gluing a piece of a black acrylic to the end of the blue acrylic.

This piece is a bit hard to make but it will give you a nice smooth finish.

Glue the blue part of the oasis on top of the black acrylic piece.

Gluing the piece to the black piece will give a nice finished effect. 

You will then glue the pieces together using the glues stick. 

Now it is time to use a glue gun to make your necklace. 

The glue gun is perfect for making a blue oasem. 

Cut out the two pieces of the acrylic piece and put them into the glue gun. 

When the glue is all on the blue Oasis piece, hold the blue plastic stick over the pieces of acrylic.

You should see the pieces stick together.

Glue the pieces back together and you’re done! 

You can make this necklace in any colour and style.

This is a great way to wear the blue of opam with a necklace that makes you look like a true opam warrior.