How to design an album cover with blue waves

Posted February 06, 2018 09:04:50 If you want to get really fancy, you can do something like this.

Instead of a bunch of white dots, you use a few layers of blue waves.

The first layer is the title of the album, which is a blue dot.

Then you have a bunch more layers, all of which are a blue and yellow color, but each with a different shape.

This makes it look like the album cover was designed by a blue wave.

And finally, you have another layer with the album’s artist name and a bunch in between, so you can fill in the rest of the space.

To create this cover, all you need to do is create a new layer called album cover and add a few strokes to make the title look like a blue or a yellow.

Create a new folder with the name album, add an empty blank canvas, and name it album cover.

Now add a layer of the same color, which you can change with a little bit of white space.

Add some more strokes to this layer, then add another blank canvas.

Add another layer of blue, and then add a third layer of yellow.

Add a fourth layer of a different color, and add another one of yellow, and so on.

The result is a cover that looks like this: Notice how the top of the cover has some sort of red tint to it, but the rest is just a flat gray background.

The album title is clearly visible on the cover, and the image shows up very well on the screen.

Here’s a better example of how to use blue waves: Notice also that the blue waves have some sort in them that is not the same shape as the ones that you’re using.

In the picture, I’m using two blue dots, one with a white dot and one with yellow dots.

This is because the shape of the blue dot is different from the shape that you’ve used to create the first layer.

You can add a new blue dot to this second layer, and you can also add a second layer of it with yellow, but that’s not the way that you want the album to look.

Instead, you want this to look like this, which shows that you are using two different shapes: The first is the shape you want, but you’ve added a second, different shape, which looks like a square.

So you’ve made a mistake in your first layer, which leads to a bad design.

To fix this, you need two things: First, make sure that the first shape you use to create your cover is the same as the first one you’ve created.

That is, you should make sure the first form is the correct shape.

If you use two different forms, then you’re just wasting your time.

Second, add a white stroke to your second layer.

This will create a red dot that is the exact same shape of your first.

This way, you’ll get rid of the square-shaped dot that you had in your second.

So if you use the same red shape as your first, then this should be a good thing.

Now, make the cover a little darker.

The next time you make a new album cover, you might want to make sure to make it a little more blue.

To do this, go to the album image in the album view.

Then, go back to the image you made, and change the layer of album cover to a dark blue.

You’ll see the layer disappear, but on the next time that you click the album picture, you will see the blue fill up the whole canvas.

This time, you won’t get a square or a rectangle on the album title.

But, you do get a few other options.

You now have a cover with some depth, and it’s a lot more aesthetically pleasing.