How blue wave memes have evolved and are evolving again

The Blue Wave meme was invented in the 1990s to describe a wave of blue water surfers, who swam to the coast from the United States.

It has since spread to other countries and even into the United Kingdom, where it was used as a political symbol in 2015 as part of a campaign to ban “green-wave” art that portrays nature in a negative light.

Blue wave is a common expression in many cultures, and it has been adopted by the Trump administration to describe the wave of green water that is sweeping across the U.S. This meme, which has been used by Trump and other politicians to paint a negative image of coastal communities, has also spread to Australia and New Zealand, where people have been posting it on Facebook and Instagram to mock the environmentalist, green-wave activists.

A recent tweet by the U-S.

President, who was once a member of the Upland Wave Team, shows the tweet from a beach in California in the 2016 election.

“I hope you voted to protect our coastline,” Trump said.

“The Uplands are under attack by globalists who want to destroy our beautiful blue water coast.

Please vote to protect the UPLands!

#DumpTrump” The meme has since become a popular way to mock environmentalism and climate change.

Its use as a symbol of the Trump wave has also been criticised by environmental groups and even a British newspaper.

In a letter to the Umland Wave team, the British Conservation Foundation said that “the use of this meme by politicians to mock those who stand up for the environment is an offensive and insulting attack on the millions of people who are genuinely concerned about the health and well-being of the planet and its people.”


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