Blue Wave Inn is shutting down after 20 years

Blue Wave Resort in Lake Wales is closing its doors after more than 20 years.

The property, which opened in the early 1990s, was bought by the company Blue Wave International in 2005.

It was in this year’s refurbishment phase that the resort was given the green light to shut down and the owners have taken a decision to stop the renovations in 2019.

The Blue Wave is one of the longest running hotel and guest houses in Australia, and the main attraction of the resort is the Blue Wave Lodge.

It is a great location in Lake Waikato, close to the tourist attractions, beaches and waterways.

It has been in operation for over 20 years and has been a popular choice for many tourists, and guests who have stayed there for a long time have given it a good review.

Blue Wave Resort is one property that has closed.

The resort is expected to be demolished and sold for scrap metal.