When is the best time to visit the Blue Ocean?

A couple of weeks ago, the Washington Post’s Paul Taylor sat down for an interview.

It was a chance for the Post to get to know a few of the people behind its most popular articles.

The two of them talked about their backgrounds and why they chose to cover the ocean.

Here are the highlights: A man who went to school at Columbia University, a school known for its academic rigor and rigorous academic standards.

And a woman who had graduated from the University of Southern California, a major coastal school that has been one of the top destinations for Asian students for the past decade.

Taylor was inspired to cover this story after being inspired by his trip to the South China Sea.

When Taylor arrived in Hong Kong, he was surprised to see a young Asian student waiting to be picked up from school.

The young woman looked to be in her late teens.

“She was so beautiful,” Taylor said.

“Her face was so soft.

She was a good-looking girl.

She looked like a model.”

After meeting the girl, Taylor went back to visit his family in Hawaii, where he had lived since 2009.

“It was a wonderful experience,” Taylor recalled.

“I thought it was amazing to be with people who are doing the best work in the world.”

When Taylor returned to the United States, he saw a similar scene: Asian Americans, especially in their 20s, were starting to find their footing.

“This is the moment I’ve been waiting for,” Taylor told the Post.

The stories he heard from the people he met there resonated with him.

“In my own family, you can still hear that this story has to be told,” he said.

This story was inspired by the Asian American stories he saw and heard.

The Asian American students who attend Columbia University and UCLA are in their mid-20s and 30s.

They are mostly white.

And they are often dealing with racism and discrimination.

So, Taylor said, it was with a sense of urgency that he decided to write a story about Asian Americans.

It wasn’t a story for the faint of heart.

The Post did not have the resources to interview every Asian American student at a school.

But, Taylor told The Washington Times, “The stories that I found were so compelling that I decided to tell them.”

This story is a celebration of Asian American life.

But in a way, Taylor and his team were also celebrating their work, too.

The work that these young people are doing is important to us.

“The way that I see it, we are a kind of an American Dream generation,” Taylor explained.

“Our dream is to be part of a global community.

And that dream is the story of the Asian Americans of the world, who are working in the field, who do extraordinary work, and who are trying to do the best they can in a very difficult world.”

The stories of these young men and women are inspirational.

“Every day is a learning experience for them,” Taylor added.

And the stories they tell are inspirational to us all.


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