A new dental treatment is helping blue-haired people’s hair relax

A new treatment is being offered to people with blue hair, which is usually a sign of stress, as a way to ease the strain on their bodies.

The Blue Wave Dental System is based on a technology developed by the BlueWave Group in India.

The company is known for producing a wide range of medical devices, including a headpiece that can be worn by a patient to improve vision and the device that is used in facial recognition technology.

The device, called the Blue Wave Dentistry, is based around a small, portable battery that can produce electrical pulses.

It can generate electricity when it senses a blood vessel or a fluid within a small area of the mouth.

It can also produce an electrical pulse when a blood supply is cut.

The company says the Blue Waves can deliver a range of benefits for people who have been diagnosed with blue skin.

“It can be used for people with certain conditions where they don’t normally have to use facial treatment, such as psoriasis, and for those with dry skin, where the skin is fine but it needs treatment,” says Dr Suresh Kumar, founder and CEO of BlueWave.

“For the majority of the population, the treatment is going to be quite long and painful.

But for some people, like for those that are already suffering from a condition that causes a lot of skin problems, it may be worth it.”

BlueWave is offering a three-month trial for people in India, where it is also known as BlueWave Technology, to use the device.

A company spokesperson told Al Jazeera the trial is currently ongoing.

Dr Kumar says the device is based off of a technology that he has developed for a medical device called the Biomimetic Device.

The Biomomimicetic Device is a flexible, lightweight device that has been designed to mimic the way human skin functions.

The device is made from materials that are both biologically and chemically responsive, and it can function as a sponge for the blood vessels.

It is similar to a sponge, he says, because it has a smooth, soft surface that allows it to absorb and retain blood.

The Bio-Mimetic device was developed to treat blue-headed people, with a focus on the areas of the face that are affected by the condition.

He says he has also worked on a device that can also be used to help people with dry, damaged skin, including psorosis.

“We are now working with a team of dermatologists and physiotherapists who have spent time in the US, UK and India to come up with a product that can help with dry and damaged skin,” he says.

Dr Suresho Kumar, who is also founder and chief executive officer of Blue Wave Technology, has worked with several patients with psorias and other skin conditions.

He has worked to develop a treatment for blue-hair, but has been working on a smaller scale for people for a number of years.

He is working with doctors and nurses in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, to help the patients who have blue hair and have to rely on a medical treatment to deal with their condition.

“Blue-hair is a really complex condition and there is a lot to learn from people who are also affected by it,” he explains.

“Our technology is different to other technologies and it’s not just a cosmetic treatment.

It’s a holistic treatment that addresses many aspects of the patient’s skin.

We are using a combination of various medical devices and the Biominetic Device to address the needs of this population.”

Dr Kumar is also working on an electric toothbrush for those who are trying to achieve a better quality of life.

He told Al-Jazeera:”I have seen many patients that have problems with their teeth and that they are suffering from the stress of their condition, which they are now trying to overcome with the Bluewave Dentistry.”

The BlueWave Dentistry is being developed by a group of doctors and doctors and healthcare professionals.

Dr Kumar says it will be available to the public in the next few weeks.

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