Blue Wave Petunia, blue wave financial: What’s next?

The financial crisis has left the blue wave, a once-dominant stock-market bubble, in tatters.

The blue wave has been downgraded three times since the crash and its market cap has plunged from $4 billion in March to less than $3 billion today.

The market cap of blue waves bubble, which crashed in late 2008 and early 2009, has been roughly halved since then.

Investors are betting on the bubble to return, and they’re right.

The blue wave is a bubble.

The bubble is a monster.

The blue waves stock market bubble was just the first stage.

The second is the global financial crisis.

The third is the market crash.

Blue waves bubble was created by investors betting that the world would become a better place as the economy recovers from the financial crisis, but they were wrong.

The world has recovered and there is no reason to believe that the blue waves global bubble will ever be the same again.

Blue waves bubble is now a monster, with a market cap in the trillions of dollars.

Its the biggest bubble in history, and it is about to destroy the global economy.