Italy’s blue wave: The best way to protect your ears

A blue wave is a wave of the sky that can be seen in northern Italy on the night of the second Sunday in May.

The phenomenon is the result of a cosmic collision between the Sun and the Earth.

A blue streak of light appears in the sky at times of the year and is the signature of a solar eclipse. 

There are many explanations as to why this happens. 

For some it is the signal of a meteorite hitting Earth, or the moon and Earth colliding.

But a lot of people think that the blue streak is caused by a chemical reaction between the oxygen and hydrogen in the atmosphere.

The problem with the chemical explanation is that if the sky is blue all the time, and this occurs all the years of the calendar year, it would be a problem to keep the light on all year round.

So, why not just leave it on when it is at its peak?

This is where the blue waves come in.

It has been suggested that the light emitted by a blue wave occurs as a result of the Sun entering a blue plasma state.

In this state, a magnetic field is generated which can then reflect blue light back into space.

A team of researchers at the National Institute for Astrophysics and Space Physics (INAF) in Naples has come up with a new idea to protect the ears of those who are exposed to the blue wave. 

The idea is to filter the light from the sky by putting blue paint on the earlobes of the wearer.

The blue paint can be applied to the back of the ear and then the blue paint is left on the back as a filter to protect them. 

In the experiment, a blue paint layer was applied on the top of the left ear of 20 people, and on the bottom of the right ear.

Then, the researchers placed an eye mask on the left and right ear and asked them to wear it while listening to music.

The researchers found that the participants were protected by the blue layer, and they were able to detect a decrease in blue light. 

This is good news for anyone who is exposed to blue waves, but it is also good news to those who have been wearing the protective layer for years. 

Blue wave glasses will also be available to help protect those who wear blue paint glasses, and are expected to be available by the end of the month. 

Source: Nature  (in Italian)