Why you should get a tattoo of a blue wave

Posted November 11, 2018 06:30:51 A blue wave tattoo on your skin has become increasingly popular with young Australians, with some of the world’s most famous tattoo artists showing off their work at the annual Tattoo Australia festival in Melbourne.

Key points:More than half of the tattoos sold in Australia are blue wave designsThe blue wave was introduced to the Australian population by sailors in the 1860sBlue waves are made from ink that has been heated by a blue flameThe ink is made up of an oily, metallic, and fibrous substanceThe Australian tattooing industry is estimated to have a turnover of $2.4 billion annually, with an estimated one in five Australians being a tattooistOne tattooist has been on the cutting edge of the tattooing trend for a while, with his blue wave tattoos going viral in the US, where the term is known as the blue wave.

Tattoo artist and entrepreneur Joe McQuaid said blue waves were popular among young people in Australia because they were less expensive than traditional tattoo designs, and the design was easily recognisable.

“It’s something we’ve been doing for a few years now,” Mr McQuays tattoos were unveiled on stage at the Australian Tattoo Expo on Sunday.

“We’ve been making it out of blue ink for a couple of years now, it’s just a matter of the time.”

For people who don’t really know the word blue, they may think it’s something like a sunburst or a rainbow or something, but the colour of the ink is blue.

“The artist said blue ink was easily identifiable because it was “smooth and shiny”.”

If you have a nice tattoo and you want it to look pretty, then you don’t want a shiny ink, you want a smooth ink,” he said.

Mr McQuay said tattoo artists were also becoming more creative with their designs, with the use of coloured ink.”

The ink that we use, we put it on to make the tattoo look like a rainbow, but we can’t just paint it blue,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.”

If we do that, we’re putting a colour on it, but then we’re just doing it as if we’re going to go to a museum and find some beautiful painting.

“In the US and Canada, blue waves have become an increasingly popular tattoo design.”

I think it was really cool that in America we’re really embracing it and it’s definitely becoming more and more popular,” Mr McGregor said.”

And in Canada, it seems like people are doing it and we’re doing it.

“Mr McGregor said blue wave art was being used in a number of tattoo styles including the traditional tattoo, the “tattoo of the month” with a logo and the “Blue Wave” tattoo, which was created by Mr McShane.”

Blue wave is really cool, it was a popular tattoo style back in the day, and it is still a really good tattoo for me,” he added.”

But I think the blue waves are also very interesting because they really look cool, and I don’t think that they’re as boring as they look.