Blue Wave boat wash in San Diego County blue wave,san diego

The Blue Wave, a blue wave boat wash, is located on Lake San Diego.

The boat wash is located about 10 miles north of the Blue Wave Park in the San Diego/Pleasanton area.

Blue Wave’s owner, Mark Stebbins, said that the San Diegos are extremely popular with blue wave boaters.

Stebbsons website says that it has seen thousands of boaters and their families come through the wash each year.

“I was surprised that there were so many people out here.

It’s like an overnight attraction,” said Stebbos wife, Lisa.

“We’ve had hundreds of people come through this year.”

Mark Stibbins said that there is a boat wash for the entire San Diego area.

He said that they do have the San Francisco area nearby but it was not as busy.

Mark Stubbins, owner of Blue Wave San Diego, said his business was the first one to open in San Francisco.

Blue wave boats are a popular recreational activity in the Bay Area and he said that his boats are clean, fast and very safe.

He added that he has had hundreds and hundreds of customers come through.

He says that he does not know of anyone who has been sickened.

“This is a really good, fun place to go out, relax and get away from all of the noise and the traffic,” he said.

Mark said that when he opened the Blue Waves San Diego location he used to have about 50 customers a day.

Now, he said he only have about 20 customers a week.

Mark is hoping that the city of San Diego will provide more public transportation to the area.

“There’s always a lot of noise in the area, especially during the summertime, and a lot more tourists are coming into San Diego during the winter months, so it will help to provide a better experience for our customers,” Mark said.

Blue waves have been on the water in San Jose since 2003 and Mark said his boats will be ready for San Jose in late May.

He also said that he hopes to open another Blue Wave in the future.

“If the city would make the right decision, I would be happy to expand our operations to other areas,” Mark Stiberbs said.

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