How to paint the blue wave San Diego mural

Blue Wave painting is one of the most enduring pieces of art in San Diego.

But when a new blue wave mural went up on a new road in a small part of town, the city saw a new problem.

The mural has a large blue wave on it, a motif that is usually associated with San Diego’s surf culture.

But this mural, in the city’s downtown area, was seen as a negative symbol by many in the surf community.

“It’s just one of those things where people feel like it doesn’t belong here, but it belongs to them,” said Blue Wave painter David Vielma, who has worked in San Diegos surf community for 10 years.

The blue wave is a surf icon in the Pacific Northwest.

Its surfers typically wear masks, sometimes with their hair down, to disguise themselves from waves, and they often wear goggles over their eyes to block out the sun.

The city, however, has a problem with the blue waves.

A new bluewave mural went on the side of the old freeway, along a stretch of Interstate 810, near a small shopping center.

A couple weeks ago, the local chapter of the American Surf Association (ASA) filed a lawsuit against the city, asking the court to order the removal of the mural, which it claims is a “common symbol of hate, hatred, discrimination, harassment and racial vilification” in San Francisco.

The new blue waves have been a constant sight in the San Diego surf community, Vielman said.

He said the bluewave motif was first spotted in the mid-1990s on a stretch along I-810, when the surf scene was starting to take off.

It became popular in the early 2000s, and has been seen by many surfers.

The area where the mural was painted is near a beach, and the surfers and locals who live there regularly see it, Vuelma said.

The surfers are a little older now, and this is a younger generation, and these are people that were not born here, he said.

The surfers say that it’s been a big issue in the community, but they don’t want the mural gone, Veltman said, because of the association’s lawsuit.

“People who were here before the bluewaves are trying to get rid of it because it is a symbol of oppression, discrimination and racism,” Vielampa said.

“We are trying our best to find a solution that’s not going to hurt anyone.

We’re trying to find ways to be respectful and work together, but if the city wants to take down the blue, they can do that.”

The city is trying to convince the surf club to remove the blue and the blue motifs from their murals, said city spokeswoman Amy Rieger.

The city has tried to reach out to the surf clubs and the artist who designed the blue but has been unsuccessful, Rieg said.

Blue Wave has been a regular presence in the surfing community for more than 20 years, said Joe Vielba, a member of the club.

“I’ve always been a blue wave supporter,” Veltba said.

“We have a very big community of blue waves, so I think the murals are important.

I don’t think we’re doing anything wrong.

We just have a lot of good murals in the area, so we’re trying our hardest to keep them up.”

The blue waves are often used as a reminder of a surf-culture past, said Viela, who said that surfing has been part of his life since he was little.

“You go out and go surfing and then you come home and have dinner and your parents are talking about the blue-wave days,” he said, adding that surfing is an essential part of the community.

Blue wave surfers have long been known to wear masks and goggles to protect themselves from the sun, but the city says that is not a valid reason to ban the surf art.

“Our concern is with the mural itself, which is not related to the blue,” said San Diego Police Department spokeswoman Officer Vanessa Villanueva.

She added that there is no evidence that the mural is in conflict with the city or the surf culture in San Marcos.”

There are other surf murals on the road, in front of a church, in other areas of the city that are not associated with blue waves.”

She added that there is no evidence that the mural is in conflict with the city or the surf culture in San Marcos.

City officials say that the blue water on the roadway, which runs through the city limits, is protected under state law and is in line with San Marcos City Code.

But a bluewave mural is an iconic piece of art, said Mike Oster, president of the San Marcos Surf Club, which has been in the neighborhood since 1980.

“The bluewave surfers’ identity has always been part and parcel of San


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