How to paddle Blue Wave in the Blue Ocean

When you first step into the blue ocean, you can expect a bit of a surprise.

“There’s nothing like the blue waves,” says Debbie Wylie, who owns Petunia Easy Wave Blue Wave Boat Rentals in Fort Nelson, B.C. “They are very gentle and calm.”

The waters of the Pacific Ocean are also home to a host of creatures that look just like dolphins and whales, including blue sharks, orcas and sea turtles.

Wylies son, Caleb, says the blue waters are a welcome change of pace after a summer spent in the open water.

“I think the blue wave is kind of an amazing place to be,” says Caleb.

The water is clear, the waves are very, very fast and you can really see what the waves do.

“It’s like being in the ocean,” he adds.

“You get the sensation that you are in the middle of the ocean, like being on the shore of a ship.”

A whale breaching in the waters of South Georgia, B-36.

(Petunia Easy Wagon Blue Wave)Beth Bouchard, who lives in Prince George, B., says her son is always in awe of the blue.

“He thinks the waves have this aura about them that you can feel, and it’s very relaxing,” says Beth.

“When he’s in the water, it feels so peaceful.

It’s very calm and soothing.”

For pet owners, the blue tides can be especially rewarding when it comes to their beloved pet, says Rachel Levesque.

“We love seeing our pets go underwater and they’re so peaceful,” she says.

“This is when you can go back to your comfort zone.”