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The Blue Ocean Wave Band is a blue wave dance music group from Florida.

Blue Ocean was founded by Chris and Katie Zielinski, who moved to Florida from Texas, in 2008.

Chris, Katie, and a band of friends formed the Blue Ocean Band in 2009.

Chris and the rest of the Blue Island Band were inspired by their favorite blue wave dances from around the world.

For many, blue waves are a staple dance of blue wave music, and the Blue Oceans are no exception.

The Blue Ocean wave band was formed with Chris Zielinsky, Katie Ziedinski, and three other friends in 2009, and since that time they’ve performed at festivals around the United States.

The Blue Ocean Band is one of many blue wave bands performing throughout the country.

The members of Blue Ocean dance and sing a distinctive style of bluewave music, which combines hip hop and disco influences.

The band has been in constant development, with new members joining every year.

The members are extremely proud of the fact that they’ve been able to maintain the original vibe and feel of the original blue wave band.

Chris Ziedinksi has performed at the Blue Water Beach Festival in Miami and was recently featured in a Blue Ocean video, and Katie is a frequent guest at Blue Oceana festivals.

The band performs live at Blue Waves Festival and has also performed in several other venues around the country, including The Blue Water Music Hall in Los Angeles, The Blue Lagoon in San Diego, The Blackwater in San Antonio, and The Blue Coast Festival in Austin.

The group has been featured on the Travel Channel’s Blue Ocean Podcast, and in the February 2017 issue of Vogue magazine.

The group is featured on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars and ABC News’ Blue Ocean Live.

Blue Island was featured on Vogue’s cover, and has been named one of “the 100 Most Beautiful Places to Live in America.”

The Blue Ovens are one of the more popular blue wave groups performing throughout Florida.

They have sold out every show and are now touring the country and internationally.

The Oven Dance group is based out of Tampa, Florida.

The Oven dances include the blue wave classic, “Lil’ Blue,” which is considered to be the most popular dance in blue waves.

The song features a blue and white background and a chorus of words that translates to “Let’s go to the blue ocean.”

In 2014, the band released the Blue Wave Dance CD titled “The OVEN Dance.”

The OVEN DANCE CD was released on January 4, 2018.

In 2018, the Oven dance group won the first ever blue water dance contest at Blue Wave Beach in San Marcos, Florida, the first time in Florida’s history that a blue water group won a blue waves dance contest.

The show included the song “LOL.”

The Overnights have toured with such notable artists as A$AP Rocky, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and Lil Wayne.

The first ever Blue Overness concert was held on March 20, 2018, at The Blue Lake Ballroom in Tampa, where they played the song, “The Ocean.”

The band’s first show at the Beach Ballroom on April 25, 2018 was sold out, and was their last Blue OVEN concert.

The latest band from the Blue ocean wave band is Blue Oveena, who will perform at the 2017 Blue Ocean Beach Music Festival in Orlando, Florida from March 30-May 6, 2018 along with the Oveenas previous concert.