Bollywood-themed Blue Wave Laundry in Delhi, India

Bollywood’s Blue Wave brand is getting into the liquor business.

The chain, which has been around for over a decade, is planning to open its first store in the Indian capital. 

According to the website, the store will open by March 2019 in the old City Hall building, which is slated to be demolished in 2018. 

The new location will be situated on a 1,500-sq.m. lot in the former Royal College of Art building, adjacent to the Mall of India. 

It will offer Blue Wave’s first-ever liquor store, which will feature luxury laundry and  carnival themed events, with multiple lamp-a-blitz  events on a daily basis, according to the company’s media release. 

A sport-themed event will take place every Saturday at 8 a.m., which will feature the blue wave lifestyle and the blue wave crew. 

While the company did not name the venue, a media release says it will be built by Laundromat, an international luxury laundry and laundry service provider. 

This location is an ideal location for Blue Wave to open its first store in Delhi.

According to a spokesperson, the company will be working with Indian government to accelerate the completion of the project.

In its statement, Blue Wave said it will be adding 50 jobs at its new Luxury Laundage and Laundromate office and will also invest $10 million in development and expansion for the new store.

This will be the second Laxmi Locker store to be opened in India in the past three years. 

In August, the brand opened its first Delhi location, Lactation Lounge, which opened in October 2017 in the heart of Delhi’s Bharatpur area.

As per the bluewave website, the new location is designed by Bartosz Polka, who also designed the Loyalty Lifestyle and the Blue Waves Lights Lamp-A-Blitz Events and was one of the founders of BlueWave and one of the founding team for BlueWave Laundries.

 Blue waves  has been in operation in Delhi since 2009.

Source: The Hindu | Photo Credit: Bhavish Pandey/Flickr


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