Blue Wave Prices – News24

Blue Wave prices have been hit by a surge in the stock market.

News24 reports that the price of a 1-litre bottle of the blue wave was up by 8.7 per cent on the day.

News21 – News21 article A couple were seen getting married in a village in South Africa, while a family had to be evacuated due to high levels of COVID-19.

News21 reports that this was the second such incident in South America.

News20 – News20 article A number of high-profile people have been killed in the aftermath of the COVID pandemic.

News19 – News19 article South African police have confirmed that an Australian man died after being bitten by a cougar at a farm near Johannesburg.

The man, named locally as John Burt, was an employee of the Australian Forestry Survey.

News18 – News18 article The United States is hosting the World Economic Forum for the first time, the first of its kind in the world.

News18 reports that President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence will be in the US for the event.

News17 – News17 article There have been three new coronavirus cases in South Australia.

News17 reports that three people have died in the state.

News16 – News16 article A man has died after a helicopter crashed into a house in West Hobart.

News16 reports that two other people are missing.

News15 – News15 article An Australian woman has died from COVID, but police are investigating the circumstances of her death.

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