How to win a blue wave beer in Idaho Falls

Blue waves are a popular drinking event in Idaho.

With no other bars or restaurants in town, locals have become famous for their homemade concoctions, so why not bring your own blue wave to your favorite watering hole?

Blue waves are traditionally served in a variety of styles, from beer to cocktail.

Here’s how to win your own, according to local blogger Bobbie Jones.


Bring a cocktail to go If you don’t already have a bluewave, you should definitely do it.

Bobbie says she’s heard of many craft brewers who are planning to brew their own.

If you don�t already have blue waves, bring a cocktail.


Have a few glasses Bobbie advises you to have three glasses of water.

“If you’re going to be serving up blue waves for a while, you want to be sure you’re drinking enough to last a while,” she said.


Be prepared for a good time Bobbie recommends taking a drink at least three times before a blue-wave event.

“When you get to the beer bar, you can start pouring,” she says.


Bring your own drinks Bobbie suggests bringing a few cocktails to your bar.

It’s important to bring your favorite craft beer and a cocktail, because many breweries offer both in-house and in-bottle taps, which means you can have a bottle of whiskey, a beer or a cocktail on the go. 5.

Be polite Bobbie points out that if you want your blue wave friends to enjoy it, it�s best to keep things casual.

“If you are getting to know the people you want and you are making a friendship, you will be able to be a better bartender,” she advises.


Make your own cocktails Bobbie also suggests making your own homemade cocktail, including a Bloody Mary, rum and rum shot.


Have your own friends Bobbie suggested that you don`t have to make a full-fledged blue wave group.

Just invite your friends, and you will have the best time, she said, adding that you should bring a bottle or two of your own for those of you who don’t have a large group.


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