Blue Wave auction of boats, sauna equipment sparks bidding frenzy

Updated May 21, 2018 07:52:56 Blue Wave boat rentals and sauna machines are on sale in the U.S. and Canada for the first time in more than 20 years.

The boats, which are often used for private parties, are being offered for sale by blue wave owner John O’Brien and his wife, Laura.

Blue Wave boats and saunas can be rented out for $1,000 per person, or up to $3,500 per person for groups.

John O’Brian, a retired New York City firefighter, says his company has a tradition of making and selling boats.

He said the boats are built in a way that keeps the water in good condition and the temperature below zero.

“When we’re having a party, we’re going to have a sauna.

It’s going to be perfect,” he said.

Blue wave has been on the market for the last few years and sold two boats last year for $2.8 million.

The boats were purchased by the family of David O’Donnell, a New Jersey fire chief who died last year while on a Blue Wave rafting trip.

Blue Wave has operated in the United States since 1996, but it was only recently re-opened for tours.

In September, Blue Wave was closed after it was discovered the company had been undercounting the number of boat rentals.

The company is currently trying to figure out what happened.

Blue Waves boats can be purchased through and

Blue wave boat rental service, BlueWave Sauna, was started in 2000 and is operated by the O’Briens, who have operated the company for nearly a decade.

BlueWave is a partnership between BlueWave and the John O. O’Connors, who own the company.

Blue waves boats can have up to eight guests on board, with up to four people sharing a saunter.

BlueWave Saunas feature large windows and a separate sauna area.

It also has a large kitchen and a sawn-off shower for a private guest.

Blue waves sauna rooms feature a steam shower, a saucy bar, a steam-operated hot tub, a shower, an outdoor kitchen, a full-size bathtub and a private sauna space.

The company also sells saunters for private events.


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