‘Blue Wave’ in ‘The Big Picture’: Martinique’s Blue Wave Goes for a $2.2 Million Bid in New York

As a first-time bidder on a blue wave in New Jersey, Martinique is getting ready to bid a $1.2 million bid for the first-ever “big blue wave” cocktail at the auction, according to a source familiar with the transaction.

The source spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the bid.

The deal is the first big sale by the Martinique Blue Wave Bar.

“It’s a big day,” said David Ragan, the owner of the cocktail bar, whose clients include the New York Times, the New Yorker and The New Yorker Magazine.

“This is a big deal.”

The first-run sale, which begins Friday, will include blue waves, cognac and vodka from the Martiniques, as well as the cocktail itself, according a source.

“There’s nothing like a blue surge in New Brunswick to make a real cocktail,” Ragan said.

The sale comes just as the New Jersey State Liquor Authority (SGLA) is looking to raise money to upgrade the Martinis Bar, which opened in 1883 in downtown Martinique, the source said.

SGLA, the state’s liquor agency, said in December that it had purchased a liquor license for the bar in partnership with the Atlantic City Casino, which has agreed to provide $25 million in loans to help the agency purchase the bar.

It will operate under a partnership with Atlantic City, which is expected to receive a portion of the proceeds.

Ragan plans to start a new bar in the new SGLI building in early 2020.

Ragon, the cocktail lover, said he is excited about the purchase of the Martinieres Bar.

It is a small bar that is full of memories, he said.

“The drinks are great.

There’s a lot of fun in it,” Ragon said.

According to the source, the SGLE is also looking to expand its presence in New Brunswickers capital, Atlantic City.

Atlantic City has seen a surge in business as casino owners and tourists flock to the city to enjoy the casino’s high-stakes gambling.

Raga said he hopes the SGOA will provide a new venue for the Blue Wave bar, which will also offer other entertainment, including live music.

“I have a lot to say about Atlantic City,” Rago said.


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