Why you should never drink the blue water wave

I’ve never had a blue water drink.

I was told it’s for health reasons, but I never heard about the health effects.

The Blue Water Wave is a popular drink in South Africa, with a range of ingredients including coconut water, honey, maple syrup and honeycomb.

It’s served as part of a cocktail at a cafe in Cape Town’s Pretoria.

Its name is a play on the words “Blue Water”, the South African word for water.

At its peak in 2016, the wave was estimated to have a turnover of nearly $1 million per week.

Blue water has been around for about 500 years and is made with honey, sugar, and salt.

It is popular in the United States as well, with drinks like Blue Water Ice Cream and Blue Water Sips sold as part, and sometimes mixed, with Coke.

According to the South Africa Post, in 2014, South Africa had more than 1,100,000 cases of the coronavirus.

In 2015, there were 4,000 deaths, with another 5,000 hospitalisations.

More recently, a number of South Africans have claimed that they contracted the virus in their homes.

“They said they had been drinking the blue wave, which they say is an aphrodisiac and an aphromatic,” journalist and blogger Lise Mokwete told the BBC.

While the Blue Water wave is still relatively new to South Africa and is sold only in bars and restaurants, many people have taken to Twitter to complain that they have stopped drinking the drink.

“I was drinking the Blue water Wave when I got infected and I have been sick ever since,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“So far I have lost an eye, two teeth and a kidney and I’m currently on dialysis.”

Another person posted: “I just got my first blue water last night.

It tasted good but it didn’t help me recover from the coronavia virus.

I’m so sick, I’m in pain and have to take medication.”

But the majority of South African people, including those who have contracted the coronavalve virus, are unaware of its effects.

According to a 2016 survey by the South Korean health ministry, almost half of South Koreans believe that drinking the wave can cure you of the virus.

Other people have said that they are drinking the beverage because they believe that it is a remedy to help fight the coronava virus.

“This is an experimental drink that is being promoted as a cure-all, a natural medicine, a miracle drink, and it is being sold with the intention of spreading the coronave virus,” said Mokwe.

He also told The Next Week that South Africa is one of the countries that are the most vulnerable to the coronaves pandemic, and that many people who are suffering from the virus may have been drinking this drink for years.

Mokwe said he was told that the drink was a “super drug” and that there is no proven link between drinking the product and its efficacy.

However, he also added that it was possible that the blue waters consumption could have contributed to some of the deaths of people in South Korea, as well as other countries.

ABC News is currently conducting a series of live investigations across the country to bring you more information about the coronae outbreak.

Find out more about the crisis at the South Africans coronavania website, or watch the full series on ABC News.


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