How to get an art installation by a blue wave artist to look like a real painting

Posted October 05, 2018 06:08:24 This month marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of American painter Francis Ford Coppola, who, along with his wife, Lucille Ball, created a masterful portrait of the late author. 

The painting, entitled ‘The Birth of the Blue Wave’, was commissioned by the BlueWave Institute and was painted in 1953.

It’s a stunning piece of contemporary art that has since become a staple of museums around the world, including the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, and the Royal Academy of Arts in London.

The Institute of Contemporary Art, however, has made a change to the painting’s title. 

“The blue wave is the wave of the future,” the institute’s artistic director, Michael Roper, told The Independent. 

 “When Francis Ford first painted it, he used the waves of a storm to create an illusion of the water flowing across the landscape.”

“His goal was to show that, when we see a blue storm, we can see ourselves in it,” he said. 

According to Roper’s website, the painting was painted by Coppolella and his wife in the fall of 1952, during a particularly violent and turbulent period in American history. 

During the period, the country was rocked by civil unrest and civil rights protests and the government declared martial law.

“In that environment, Coppolans ‘Blue Wave’ painting, a portrait of a blue sea wave, became a rallying cry for a movement that was calling for the restoration of America’s democracy and civil liberties,” Roper explained.

“The wave represented a symbol of hope and freedom, the idea that we could restore the country’s institutions of democracy and respect for human rights,” he added.

The painting is now the subject of an exhibition at the Bluewave Institute. 

Roper told The Telegraph that he and his team had already begun work on an installation with a different artist, but it will now be called ‘The Wave’. 

“We have three artists, but we’ve got an artist in mind who is a big fan of Coppoles work,” he explained. 

He explained that the painting will be “a piece of art that’s not just a reflection of Coppy’s personal experience, but also a work that’s really about contemporary art and about the wave as it’s created by Francis and Lucille.” 

“It’s a piece that represents the wave in the world and is a piece of artwork that’s inspired by the wave, the moment and the movement,” he continued.

“We wanted to do something with this painting that had the potential to capture that moment and to be something that the world would be able to see.” 

The exhibition, called ‘Blue Waves’, will run until April 1, 2019. 

A more complete version of the painting, titled ‘The Tide of Blue’, will also be on display at the institute. 

Read more about the Blue Waves exhibition here


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