Blue wave vodka sells out at auction

Blue wave has sold out at a London auction house for a staggering £2.3m.

Blue Wave vodka is one of the world’s oldest brands and is known for its distinctive brand name.

The blue wave logo is the original blue and white logo for the company, which was founded in 1901 by the brothers Charles and Charles Stanley in the UK.

The company’s main brand is the brand blue, and the company’s famous vodka is blue wave.

Blue wave was founded by Charles Stanley, and he was a member of the company board from 1925 until his death in 1990.

Auctions were held on Saturday and Sunday for the vodka at the London Palladium, and a total of £1.4m was sold.

“Blue wave vodka is the world heritage red brand, the second-oldest brand in the world, with its origins in 1901,” a spokesman for the auction house told The Independent.

There are currently no plans to sell the vodka.

The Stanley brothers are survived by their mother, Dorothy, and two children.

Blue Wave was the first vodka to be sold on the black market.

In 2012, the company was bought by the Chinese state-owned liquor company, Shanghai Oriental Group.


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