What to know about the ‘blue wave’ car wash controversy

It’s a common complaint that blue wave is a car wash and they don’t serve alcohol.

But that’s not entirely accurate, according to a new study from researchers at MIT and UC Berkeley.

The research suggests that they do serve alcohol, but only in very small amounts.

The researchers analyzed data from 10 blue wave stores, which were located across the U.S. in the San Francisco Bay Area, where they had a permit to sell alcohol.

The stores were required to keep a strict record of the number of people served, as well as the alcohol consumption, and also report any complaints to the police.

The study found that the stores that served alcohol at least once every 12 hours were at least 1.5 times more likely to serve alcohol than the stores with no alcohol service at all.

A small number of stores had no alcohol-service permit at all, which means that their beer and wine was served without any alcohol, according the researchers.

The problem with this study is that the number is misleading, the researchers say.

While they only looked at the number, they found that restaurants and bars with alcohol-only services were less likely to report a problem with alcohol.

That may be because restaurants and bar owners might feel that serving alcohol to customers is something that is acceptable.

But the researchers didn’t test this assumption, and it’s possible that restaurants might not feel the same way, according this study.

It’s also possible that the bars are serving more alcohol because they’re serving beer and not wine.

The fact that they are serving alcohol is not a good indicator that the restaurant or bar serves alcohol, the authors wrote.

The most important factor to remember is that restaurants serving alcohol do not serve alcohol for alcohol’s sake.

The restaurant is not just serving to serve its customers, but to provide a safe and pleasant dining experience for those patrons.

If you want to see how the bars serve alcohol to its customers (and if you’re at one of the bars), check out the list of locations in this video.


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