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All About BluWave

BluWave Support Solutions was founded to help apply sound, productive business practices to multiple types and levels of companies. We have been involved in small business, privately held companies, start-ups, and large corporations. Through the different journeys, we began to notice that some companies and organizations do the same thing over and over… without generating any results. It’s just what they have become accustomed to. We want to help make companies better, more productive, and help them become customer service GIANTS. We strive for outstanding results with any company that we work with. We want you to make a difference. We want you to Get in.
Our Customers include:
Frontier Communications  Consulting - Staffing - Training  Sonny's - The Car Wash Factory 
Cash Washing...Fast & Easy  McFadyen Solutions  Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP  Conde' Nast Publications 
Member of:
Seminole County Regional Chamber of Commerce
Management and Staff

Not only do we make statements on our website about creating great teams, the development of productive relationships, and achieving above expectations, we live it. We run our company using the same processes and procedures, as well as utilizing the same mentality, to let our people reach their full potential. Our Managing Partners believe in establishing positive, trusting relationships with the companies that we do business with. We believe in taking risks, supporting our team members and yours with the same enthusiasm, and accomplishing the goals we set out to accomplish. We also do everything that we can to ensure that our team members have fun.

Our Experience

The team members at BluWave have been involved in, managed, developed and consulted on a wide range of programs from automotive maintenance databases to support processes. We have been involved in the forming and merging of companies such as Network Computing, Seagate Software, VERITAS, and Symantec, and have participated on advisory boards, conducted training sessions and seminars, and have directly interfaced with customers. We have also presented analysis and direction to executives in other companies on behalf of their own employees. We have worked with and for companies that develop software, hardware, deliver technical services, manage computer systems, provide communication services, and companies that deliver virus protection services and computer and network security. Although our primary focus with Bluwave is Support and Service Organizations, we have learned that many of our services, as well as our technical knowledge, allow us to extend outside that arena.

Our continual search for a better solution

Who was is that said “The only thing that is constant is change”? Companies today are extremely different than those 10 years ago, and they will look totally different 10 years from now. While we believe that there are great standards that should never fade away for some things, the advancements in organizational operations and all types of technology have made things possible that never were before. One of the significant advantages that BluWave has is that we know what slows companies down and what helps speed them up. We believe in researching and resolving the core issues, not just addressing the symptoms. And, we also believe in combining stable, mature practices with leading edge technologies such as Knowledge Management Applications. While we “get back to the basics”, we also believe in looking forward. The result is that our customers end up with the best solution possible.

We help our customers achieve. Your customers want the same thing.

Sometimes it’s not about the money. It’s about people. It’s about customers. It’s about being a company that customers love to do business with. And when your company becomes a company like that, others will stand up and take notice.

Technology. What a waste.

A significant number of companies dump millions of dollars into their technology infrastructures every year, only to see the initiatives die within 12 months. Don’t make the same mistake. Let BluWave help you create that strong foundation.