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Program, Project, and Process Management

Program Management can be defined as the management of multiple related projects directed toward strategic business and organizational objectives. These programs will contain multiple diverse projects that may span functions, organizations, geographic regions and cultures. Embedded at each and every level are the processes that are developed that make the projects successful, which in turn increases the program’s success. Additional effort is also applied to analyzing the risk and the scheduling aspects of the initiatives.
Program Management

Program Management is a discipline that requires the ability to manage multiple related projects and ensure that they are on track to achieve the business objectives of an organization when scheduled. Many times, initiatives do not link goals at all levels together—executive, organizational, management, team member and customer—which in turn creates gaps within a program. At BluWave, we believe in developing a solid foundation for the program before ever assigning a resource by creating a realistic program schedule, examining all relative dependencies and documenting them, making sure that the proper level of executive sponsorship is applied, and managing the overall program on a daily basis. This also helps the organization be proactive when issues arise instead of being reactive, like most companies. We want you to be better.

Project Management

While some companies are embarking on major strategic initiatives, your company may be working to refine certain specific areas. In this case, our project management team can help you develop a schedule that is much less complex than a program schedule, but still has all of the critical elements to make the project a success. BluWave utilizes two different project management methodologies depending on the level of complexity for the project, and we also help your team members become more comfortable with managing projects on their own. This will help develop consistency within the company when future projects arise, and you’ll have team members that are eager to take the lead when needed.

Process Management

Even with the best schedules, documentation, guidelines and program and project managers, an overall initiative will only be as strong as the weakest process. Too many times we have heard stories about how well planned, studied and calculated certain efforts were, but failed simply because of the actual execution. At BluWave, we want to make sure that the processes that are derived from the actual program and project management definitions work as well as they are expected to, and that they achieve the goals set by the organization. We have the ability to help you design, model, execute, monitor and optimize processes with the goals of meeting corporate goals as well as customer requirements. These same principles are applied to operational business processes to help optimize the day-to-day tasks within an organization.

Want success? Develop a program schedule, keep it updated at all times.

We believe that developing a realistic schedule, and one that is as complete as possible, provides a high level of control to the initiative. If anything starts to fall behind schedule or move off track… you know about it almost immediately.

Involve others from the beginning. You’ll be glad you did.

Today some things can get so complex that is nearly impossible to do them on your own. If you take the time to notice, you will find that other team members have skills that can compliment what you are trying to accomplish. Which is, by the way, a good thing.