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BluWave Support Solutions offers three main categories of Consulting Services:
  • Knowledge Management
  • Program, Project and Process Management
  • Business Analysis and Support Center Analysis
Each category is detailed below. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us.
Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management has many definitions, but there is really one major application for support organizations. Too many companies today place value on the cost of a support call, without realizing what can be done to simply ELIMINATE the call instead of take it in the first place. Bluwave utilizes our own specific KM model, named ForeFront. ForeFront focuses on common sense practices that have long been forgotten and places those into the leading element of the KM strategy. We then address four (4) specific areas of interaction concerning support services:
  1. Web-based Technology, the Website, or Customer Portal
  2. The Knowledge Management (KM) Application and Infrastructure
  3. Process, Procedure, and Methodology
  4. Workflows, Training, and Standards
Focusing in this manner allows for a much quicker and tighter KM integration into the organization, because we believe in making knowledge development a cornerstone of all KM principles. Ensuring that all team members have the same attitude toward knowledge development helps increase knowledge sharing internally as well as externally, and it means that your customers get more accurate, concise answers in a shorter period of time. BluWave can address the overall KM program or a specific area, depending on your need or where you are in your KM strategy development.

Program, Project and Process Management

If you are ready to make significant changes in your organization, are in the process of planning for new products or services, or just want to determine if your organization needs a tune-up, let our experience be your guide. Changing the way that a company operates takes time, effort, and experienced leadership to achieve successful results. At BluWave, we focus on understanding the problems, effective solution planning, properly managed implementations, and measured results. Our company follows standard industry practices for Program, Project and Process Management in order to create the most effective solutions, regardless of the level or complexity of the problem. We help companies approach problems in an organized fashion with clarity, cohesiveness and confidence. Whether you are defining a new service or product offering, in the process of support center or services development, or enhancing the culture and adapting to change, BluWave is a solid base that works for you.

Business Analysis and Support Center Analysis

When developing new service offerings, making significant internal or external changes, or just wanting to know how your company is performing, BluWave can provide guidance and direction in several critical areas. We utilize and follow standard Business Analysis (BA) practices to analyze your critical business problems and propose solutions that will grow with your organization. From a customer service and support perspective, we have the ability to model your support operations effectiveness by analyzing each area of your customer support paths, from the first electronic customer contact through problem resolution. Additionally, BluWave has extensive reporting and data analysis experience to help develop report infrastructures ranging from single reports to executive dashboards in order to fully analyze and understand the data and results. This will, in turn, give you the information that you need to make strategic advances within your company, and when you do, your employees and your customers will take notice.