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Small Business Solutions

Although BluWave provides services to large companies, we haven’t forgotten about the small business owner. Small companies today are generally behind the curve as far as automation, technology, and infrastructure. We have extensive corporate level IT and business experience that can be applied to small companies to help increase productivity, simplify general business practices, and streamline processes. If your company needs assistance with the development of a website, database application development, installing a secure network, setting up standard office applications, or just analyzing your business practices, give us a call. We analyze and report on all components of the support experience, from the website to the resolution process.
Website Development

With the strength of the internet, it is critical to have a well-formed website that provides customers with the information that they need concerning your business. Studies have shown that nearly 80% of small businesses today do not have a website, and the loss in market opportunity is tremendous. BluWave has the ability to help create your website, with your creative elements and vision, and combine that with our development experience. It can be as simple or as complex as you would like and we will optimize your site so that it will be accessible from the top search engines on the internet.

Database Development

Databases don’t have to be scary. Millions of lines of entries (records) and different applications all have a purpose, but your needs may be different. BluWave uses three primary applications to develop databases and front ends to create data storage and automation systems, including Microsoft Access®, MySQL®, and Oracle® 10g Express Edition. The use of a database allows a business to keep specific information on customers, products and services and allows the information to be presented in a meaningful way and report on it as well. The front end, which can include data entry forms, a shopping cart or email communication can be implemented to streamline data input, data management and reporting. Databases and forms can also be used to automate manual tasks, saving hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of hours a year.

Business Analysis and Reporting

Running a small business is not easy, and it is more time consuming than a regular job. Sometimes, it’s difficult to figure out where to make improvements, or how you can remove yourself enough from the business to get the proper perspective. With our analysis and reporting experience, we can help identify areas that are creating bottlenecks, determine what short term or long term solutions need to be put in place, and also examine the general operations of a business to help with future projections and suggest improvements. These services can also be applied to a single component of the business, such as order processing or data entry.

Network, Security and Applications

BluWave offers quick start services for companies that may not have enough IT knowledge or staff to get the day-to-day tasks completed. We can help you set up your network, add wireless options, and create services that can send alerts and/or notifications to your mobile device or other systems. We can also help set up remote access, basic and advanced network and internet security, and optimize your computer systems or install software.

If you have data that needs to be organized, you need a database.

Databases today can be used for anything as simple as home inventory to things as complex as storing millions of customer records. Our goal is to provide you with a cost-effective solution that helps you save time, effort, and simplifies your business.

Before they get bigger than you, let us help you tackle those problems.

It’s important to keep a business running as smoothly as possible, especially if it’s your own personal business! BluWave can help you address many of the critical technology areas that small businesses are usually behind in, including software, hardware, methodologies and processes. We can examine your business and create a solid foundation that will allow your business to continue growing without having to re-think everything all the time.