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Business Analysis, Support Center Analysis and Reporting

BluWave utilizes BA processes to help companies improve how they conduct business on a daily basis, while working to remove activities and tasks that are unnecessary. This in turn will help reduce overall costs while increasing efficiency for the business as well as for the customers. Our Support Center Analysis models offer numerous insights into where improvements can be gained within the organization. We analyze and report on all components of the support experience, from the website to the resolution process.
Business Analysis

While Business Analysis (BA) can sometimes be closely related to requirements analysis, we view the discipline as an approach to fine-tune the overall strategic goals. Many shortcomings can be exposed by following specific methodologies of research and analysis, which will help develop multiple views of the processes. Many different levels of analysis can be conducted, depending on the scope of the issues trying to be resolved. Enterprise analysis focuses on the overall needs of the business as a whole and the strategic direction, and then applying those findings to initiatives that will allow the business to meet those goals. Requirements planning and management utilizes components from our Program, Project and Process Management services (which creates consistency in the manner of research) and sets schedules in place to implement change with the specific initiatives that will have the most impact as primary goals. Our solution assessment and validation exercise allows for a complete review of the proposed process in order to find and resolve potential issues and shortcomings before the process is placed into production. Overall, it’s hard to imagine companies implementing anything without applying the standard Business Analysis practices.

To view an example of a Business Program Analysis, Click here.

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Support Center Analysis

Do you know how well your support centers are functioning? Do you know what your customers think about how you’re providing support to them? What support paths work the best? BluWave offers the Support Center Analysis service, which can help answer these questions. We provide multiple levels of analysis, from a component level to the full support path, in order to help determine where issues exist and where improvements can be made. Within this model, we capture such information as call volume, product data, resolution times, website analysis data, and productivity information. We then measure certain, specific areas of the process to determine if improvements can be made and what the effect of the changes will be. We utilize other external data, such as customer feedback, product releases, and organizational changes, which can all have a significant impact on the levels of support and service provided. The complete analysis is provided in a simplified report that give you the information that you need to fully analyze and understand the data and results. The report also includes suggestions for support operations improvement based on the collected data.


Many support organizations collect large amounts of data, but are sometimes overwhelmed when the data needs to be analyzed to help make tactical or strategic decisions. BluWave has extensive reporting and data analysis experience to help develop reporting infrastructures, ranging from single reports to executive dashboards. This in turn, will give you the information that you need to make strategic advances within your company. And when you do, people will take notice.

Strategist. Architect. Analyst.

BluWave can provide some of the most critical roles required to accomplish the strategic goals of a company, no matter how large or small the task may be. We can work with multiple levels within your company to help strengthen your organization at the core.

Examine it from multiple angles. You might be surprised.

We always examine data from multiple angles because a single perspective limits visibility. Support Center statistics can always provide great insights, but you must know the other variables and constants that can impact the data. Plus, everyone loves charts and graphs. Don’t you?