‘Blue Wave’ in ‘The Big Picture’: Martinique’s Blue Wave Goes for a $2.2 Million Bid in New York

As a first-time bidder on a blue wave in New Jersey, Martinique is getting ready to bid a $1.2 million bid for the first-ever “big blue wave” cocktail at the auction, according to a source familiar with the transaction.The source spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the bid.The deal is the first big sale […]

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Which states are best places to visit for blue waves?

In a state known for its blue skies, the blue waves have returned.According to a report from the nonprofit BlueWave, a global group of surfers, blue waves were once rare but are now commonplace throughout the Pacific Northwest, South America, and Asia.In Oregon, for example, there are just two active blue waves at any given […]

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How to spend your $10,000 blue wave boat auction in 2018

The first blue wave boats were delivered to BlueWave in October, and this year there’s plenty to do and see in BlueWave’s expansive, $1bn blue wave fleet.Read moreBlueWave BlueWave Bluewave boats in 2018 1.Blue Wave Blackbird, Blackwater, Blackbay (blue wave) 2.BlueWave Blackbird BlueWave boats in 2019 3.Bluewave Blackhawk BlueWave and BlueWave boat prices, and a […]

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